Last updated: 10:48 / Monday, 17 March 2014
First Program

Carla Goyanes, Director of the Fashion Management MBA Program of Esden Business School in Miami

Carla Goyanes, Director of the Fashion Management MBA Program of Esden Business School in Miami

Carla Goyanes is the new Director of the MBA in Fashion Management of Esden Business School in Miami, USA. She holds a degree in Business Administration and has an MBA in Fashion Management.

Esden Business School will inaugurate its first program in Miami by the end of the year with the launch of the MBA in Fashion Management, ‘’in a bet to enter in a key market for the Fashion Industry’’, states Alberto Isusi, CEO of Esden Business School.

To achieve that goal, Isusi explains ‘’we count with the valuable contribution of Carla Goyanes. Not only she has great experience in industry but also she will be leading a talented team of professionals of the Fashion Industry with strong Marketing and Communication backgrounds. Their main objective is to ensure that students acquire the most advanced knowledge and specific skills related to Management in this field.’’

The Fashion Management MBA program from Esden Business School will start this coming October and will last for 10 months. It is aimed to those interested students in deepening and/or learning the specific business management characteristics of a rising industry. The basic requirements to apply are getting a bachelor’s degree, standard English level and a clear passion towards to the Fashion world.

Alvaro Dantart, Institutional Relations Director of Esden Business School explains ¨it is a MBA program focused on business management within the Fashion Industry. It is a unique opportunity available now in Miami, as there is no similar academic offer in any other Business Schools or Universities in Florida¨.

The program combines online sessions-taking advantage of the opportunities that new technologies provide as a didactic support- with classes at our campus -given by renowned professionals of the Fashion Industry such as managers, designers or creative directors-.

Esden Business Schools brings renowned faculty in the Fashion Industry from Europe, latam and United Statessuch as Juan López –Saks Fith Avenue Director-, Mónica Gómez-Cuétara –founder of Personal Shopper School-, Federico de Marin –Human Ressources Director for Latamn of Swarovski-, Jose María Arellano – 10 year General Director and creative director of JJA Group and now presiden of JAM Design USA and JAM Fashion Co LTD Hong Kong-, Manel Echevarría –Vicepresident for Latam an Caribbean areas-.

Carla Goyanes, MBA director assures ‘’students will not only learn skills such as economic, financial or team management but also essential matters related to integral communication, coolhunting or the crucial influence that the web 2.0 has in business development, everything focused on the Fashion and Beauty Industry.’’

Students will have the opportunity to attend a specialized training at The Marangoni Institute of Milan dedicated to ‘’Fashion Production and Luxury Brand Strategies’’.

The Fashion Management MBA program from Esden Business School responds to the industry´s needs of highly qualified professionals in these fields of expertise. The program provides students with skills in management that are applicable to the fashion environment, incorporates specific concepts related to design management, product development, marketing and communication strategies, and logistics in the fashion industry.

Lastly, Carla Goyanes explains ‘’nowadays studying Fashion is a rising trend and in an increasingly competitive environment, a better choice than enrolling in a specialized masters that promotes and facilitates professional integration, development and success for its students.’’