Nombramientos / Plan to open Santiago & Miami
Juan Francisco Fagotti and Valeria Catania Join BECON IM
Mercados / Interview with Lazard AM
“The Long-Term Investment Opportunity in the Energy Sector in Brazil and Mexico is Enormous”
Mercados / Interview with Allianz GI
Risk Taking will Require Active Management to Control the Periods of Volatility Which May Arise
Markets / Janus Henderson Investors
Finegan: “We Look for High Quality Companies in Emerging Markets at Reasonable Prices, that Makes Us Very Different from the Index”
Markets / Build on Insight, by BlackRock
Koesterich: There are Very Few Bargains Across Major Asset Classes. In Order to Find Value, One Must Get More Creative
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Nombramientos | 08:39 | 20/07/2017
Plan to open Santiago & Miami

Third-party distributor BECON Investment Management adds two senior positions in a move to boost its presence among Latin America's private banks, independent wealth managers, fund of funds, and family offices.

Mercados | 08:09 | 20/07/2017
Interview with Lazard AM

The improvement in economic fundamentals, in both emerging countries and companies, gives these countries the opportunity to grow faster than developed ones, and offer more returns for investors. That's why they remain a long-term bet, despite the latest rally in their stock markets.

Mercados | 08:01 | 20/07/2017
Interview with Allianz GI

For the second half of the year, with global growth dull, and interest rates staying low for longer, Beta returns will remain low and thus clients should remain confident that active management can deliver good returns that meet the needs for income and capital gain according to Neil Dwan

Markets | 07:25 | 20/07/2017
Janus Henderson Investors

During the “Janus Henderson Knowledge Exchange”, the first Janus Henderson Investors event after completing its merger process, Glen Finegan, Head of the Emerging Markets Equity team, reminded attendees that a ma

Markets | 00:56 | 13/07/2017
Build on Insight, by BlackRock

It’s been over a year since Russ Koesterich, Portofolio Manager of BlackRock's BGF Global Allocation Fund joined the Global Allocation team.

Markets | 01:28 | 13/07/2017
According to Legg Mason

Bridges, roads, water systems…these are but a few examples of the infrastructure essential to keep the global economy moving forward. Infrastructure itself demands ongoing investment.

Markets | 13:39 | 12/07/2017
MFS Investments

The extent of the current geopolitical situation worries investors who focus their discussion between continuing to bet on risky assets or moving toward “haven” assets. Where should investors put their money?

Markets | 13:06 | 12/07/2017
H2O MultiAggregate

Almost two years ago, after a long career in the asset management industry, Pascal Dubreuil joined the global fixed income and currency team, as Portfolio Manager, at H2O Asset Management, an affiliate of Natixis Global Asset Management, which sp

Business | 12:13 | 12/07/2017
Janus Henderson Investors

The Henderson Global Growth strategy essentially seeks to analyze the underlying business of the companies in which it invests, with a strong focus on those companies that grow in the long term.

Mercados | 10:31 | 05/07/2017
Multi-multi assets

For many years now, asset managers have been responding to financial challenges through multi-asset strategies that seek to adapt to different market contexts, and they always seek the most appropriate sources of profitability and protection for portfolios.