Markets / Interview with Jupiter
"The Role of the Fixed Income Asset Class as a Volatility Dampener in a Diversified Portfolio Will Remain"
Mercados / Interview with MSIM
"A Rate Hike by the ECB May Not Occur Until Later in 2018 at the Earliest"
Alternatives / Buy & Watch Concept
BFT IM (Amundi) Advocates For Funds Held to Maturity to Protect the Investor from Rate Hikes... But with Active Management
Pensiones / For Asian equities
Pioneer Investments, Investec AM, JP Morgan and BlackRock Get 850 Million Dollars From Afore XXI Banorte's Mandate
Alternatives / Fills its ‘First 100’ group
Door Launches Digital Platform for Fund Selector Due Diligence
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Markets | 01:27 | 21/03/2017
Interview with Jupiter

Fixed income faces many challenges today, but Ariel Bezalel, manager of the Jupiter Dynamic Bond, explains how, by combining a top-down and bottom-up approach with flexible management, opportunities can be found.

Mercados | 01:46 | 21/03/2017
Interview with MSIM

The primary risk to fixed income is a sudden and sustainable rise in interest rates. The conditions for this to occur is for the market to believe both domestic and global growth will be on a sustainable trend higher and that inflation will rise.

Alternatives | 09:18 | 15/03/2017
Buy & Watch Concept

Choosing the correct fixed income product in a rate-hike environment is an arduous task.

Pensiones | 01:19 | 15/03/2017
For Asian equities

Mexican pension fund manager Afore XXI Banorte awarded Pioneer Investments, Investec Asset Management, JP Morgan Asset Management and BlackRock, with close to 850 million dollars to invest in an Asian Equity Mandate.

Alternatives | 00:55 | 15/03/2017
Fills its ‘First 100’ group

Door has launched its first digital platform to streamline the fund due diligence process between asset managers and fund investors.

Nombramientos | 09:06 | 13/03/2017
From Santander Bank

Blas Miñarro has joined JP Morgan Private Bank’s Miami office as Managing Director and Senior Private Banker focused on the largest wealth segment, or UHNW, in the Southern Cone.

Mercados | 01:34 | 13/03/2017
JP Morgan AM

According to Bob Michele, JP Morgan's fixed-income CIO, the Fed will raise rates in March; he believes that the monetary authority will carry out a normalization process in the US which will last at least five years, during which the Fed will raise rates every two months to aroun

Mercados | 01:21 | 13/03/2017
Interview with Jean-Marc Pont

Turning the aging population into a responsible investment opportunity: this is what is done by the Generali Investments Sicav (GIS) SRI Ageing Population fund, a thematic fund seeking to capitalize on this long-term demographic trend, which is also in line with SRI (Soc

Mercados | 09:48 | 10/03/2017
Seilern IM's CIO

The Stryx Global Growth Fund, a global equity fund, only invests in the best companies in the world in terms of quality and growth. In fact, it is a growth strategy with a low number of expositions: between 17 and 25 shares.

Alternatives | 08:06 | 10/03/2017
Interview with Kenichi Amaki

Regarding the factors that make him optimistic about Japanese equities in 2017, Kenichi Amaki, Lead Manager of the Matthews Japan Fund, notes that over the years, the Japanese economy has faced many macroeconomic headwinds, but this year many of them have turned into tai