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Lyxor Sees in ETFs an Opportunity for Sustainable Investment to Continue Growing
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Argentina, Seeking For New Tax Deferral Strategies
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What Were the Asset Management Industry’s Major Business Operations in 2017?
Nombramientos / In lieu of Dolores Ybarra
Gonzalo Milans Del Bosch Takes Over As Santander Asset Management's New CIO
Negocio / In the first half of 2018
Franklin Templeton Investments to Acquire Edinburgh Partners
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ETF | 08:53 | 18/01/2018
Passive Management

Lyxor ETF has a new route for sustainable investment. The firm argues for the expansion of this type of investment and how ETFs have become a remarkable vehicle to invest under ESG criteria.

Normativa | 08:49 | 18/01/2018
Analysis by Invertax

The new tax reform bill in Argentina will continue to be an issue throughout 2018, since, according to Marcelo Gutiérrez, Director at Invertax, it’s that country’s most significant change in regulations during the past 30 years.

Negocio | 08:29 | 18/01/2018
Making the next move

2017 was a good year for operations, acquisitions, mergers and expansion into new markets by leading international asset management companies; yet another example of the asset management industry trend towards higher concentration, while seeking higher efficiency and margin growth.

Nombramientos | 09:02 | 18/01/2018
In lieu of Dolores Ybarra

Santander Asset Management, has a new CIO. Gonzalo Milans Del Bosch has been chosen to replace the current head of Investments, Dolores Ybarra, according to sources close to the bank that confirmed the news to Funds Society.

Negocio | 11:39 | 17/01/2018
In the first half of 2018

The M&A market is off to a good start of the year with Franklin Templeton Investments announcing that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Edinburgh Partners Limited, which managed approximately US $10 billion as of December 31, 2017 in global and emer

Alternatives | 00:05 | 11/01/2018
According to Pavilion

2018 is expected to have an increase in global growth and, according to William Charlton, Managing Director at Pavilion Alternatives Group, most institutional investors are maintaining or increasing their allocations to private equity.

Pensions | 08:53 | 11/01/2018
Mandates are expected to stay

Until now, Afores could invest abroad through three vehicles: ETFs, Indexed Mutual Funds and Investment Mandates, but, seeking to offer more investment alternatives, as well as granting them with greater flexibility and better defense tools against volatility cycles, the Mexican Pension Regulator

Pensions | 21:33 | 05/01/2018
According to the CONSAR

International managers have a new reason why to look into Latin America's second largest economy. It is expected that next January, Mexican Afores will be allowed to invest in international mutual funds.

Appointments | 13:50 | 05/01/2018
After more than 30 years

Franklin Templeton Investments announced that after more than 30 years with Franklin Templeton, Mark Mobius, Ph.D. has announced his plans to retire from the company on January 31, 2018.

Private Banking | 10:04 | 04/01/2018
According to Raymond James

According to Raymond James & Associates SVP Lisa Detanna, the process of estate planning when it involves a gifting strategy is to give what you want, to whom you want, when you want, and how you want and if possible save on taxes and expenses.