Markets / London Event
MFS: “The Market Forgets that When Credit Liquidity Dries Up, There Is No Turning Back”
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WisdomTree Buys ETF Securities’ European Exchange-Traded Commodity, Currency and Short-and-Leveraged Business
Mercados / Acording to Amundi AM
Venezuela On the Edge of a Cliff: Lets Be Cautious
Alternatives / In European Equities
Afore Pensionissste Grants its First Investment Mandate to BlackRock
Markets / London Event
Michael Roberge: “If Berkshire Hathaway Were a Mutual Fund, Warren Buffet Would Have Been Fired as a Manager”
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Markets | 18:38 | 16/11/2017
London Event

Pilar Gomez-Bravo was recently appointed Director of European fixed-income for MFS Investment Management.

Alternatives | 10:03 | 16/11/2017
Excluding ETFs

ETF Securities has agreed to sell its European exchange-traded commodity, currency and short-and-leveraged business to WisdomTree Investments the Nasdaq-listed (ticker: WETF) and New York headquartered global exchange-traded product provider.

Mercados | 09:55 | 16/11/2017
Acording to Amundi AM

A full Venezuelan sovereign default scenario would be one of the most complex events of its type and would require a large-scale restructuring, according to Yerlan Syzdykov, Deputy Head of EM at Amundi AM who does not see anuy rapid solution to the restructuring

Alternatives | 09:41 | 16/11/2017
In European Equities

Short after a change in leadership in Afore Pensionissste, with Rodolfo Campos Villegas, as its new CEO and Ruben Omar Rincón Espinoza, as its new CIO, the Mexican pension fund is really shaking things up.

Markets | 16:08 | 08/11/2017
London Event

Investors are at a crossroad. To be able to obtain the same level of returns as in the past and achieve their investment goals, they must take on roughly three times more risk than that of two decades ago.

Business | 19:23 | 08/11/2017
A UCITS strategy

BlackRock has launched the BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) China A-Share Opportunities Fund. The Fund is designed for investors looking for growth, alpha and diversification from the China A-Share market.

Alternativos | 20:14 | 08/11/2017
Analysis by Franklin Templeton

Three years ago K2 Advisors, part of Franklin Templeton Investments, launched its first UCITS Liquid Alternatives fund, the Franklin K2 Alternatives Strategies Fund.

Pensiones | 22:43 | 08/11/2017
At AforeMX

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mexican Pension funds, the Afores, Mexican financial authorities, OECD and IDB representatives along with international experts, specialists, academics and investors met in Mexico City for the Second Afores National Convention and the 15th FIAP internationa

Mercados | 22:57 | 08/11/2017
Interview with Simon Fox

Investors have to deal with both short-term volatility and downfalls risks. For Simon Fox, ‎Senior Investment Specialist at ‎Aberdeen Standard Investments, the adequate way to deal with this is to better diversify your portfolio.

Markets | 09:44 | 01/11/2017
London Event

During the 2017 MFS European Investment Forum in London, Bill Adams, Global Fixed Income CIO for MFS Investment Management, explained the different structural reasons why the Boston-based global investment management firm argues