Last updated: 10:23 / Monday, 18 October 2021

Global X


Global X ETFs is a provider of exchange-traded funds based in New York. Founded in 2008, it manages US$40 billion in exchange-traded funds, in more than 80 different products. The firm is widely known for its international, income and thematic growth product suites, as well as its Core, Commodities and Alpha strategies.

Global X was an early advocate for thematic investing, launching its first thematic ETF in 2010, targeting companies offering exposure to the lithium cycle. Since then, the firm has launched a variety of additional strategies that provide access to emerging topics in the areas of technology, people and demographics, and US infrastructure. In December 2020, Global X launched its first ETFs listed in Europe, following the rise of telemedicine and the video game industry. Products are offered in more than 10 European countries, with plans for continuous expansion.

Global X is a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Financial Group, a leading global financial services company, with more than US$560 billion in assets under management.