Last updated: 14:45 / Thursday, 19 March 2020

Free Learning Opportunities for Children and Adults During the Quarantine


Staying at home in the face of the challenge presented by the spread of the COVID-19 virus for the Health sector is the most prudent thing. Whether it was the individual or the government that decided upon this measure, changing one's routine and spending time in isolation from the rest of the world but living with the whole family is something, let's say "challenging".

Thinking about this, various organizations have decided to offer free courses and activities to make spending time in quarantine more bearable.
For people who must work remotely, LinkedIn has published a series of videos with tools to make remote work more efficient, either individually or in groups, as well as some to help to better manage stress.

For those who have time and want to learn something new or reinforce their knowledge, freecodecamp compiled a list with 450 free and online courses, which are offered by US Ivy League schools.

For those with children at home, Kids Activities Blog has a list of educational companies that due to the current situation, decided to offer free subscriptions.