Last updated: 10:49 / Thursday, 18 September 2014
Photos of the Gathering

Over 200 Professionals Engaged in FIBA Wealth Management Forum in Miami

On Monday and Tuesday, FIBA (Florida International Bankers Association) held its second Wealth Management Forum in Miami; the gathering was attended by over 200 industry professionals, who had the opportunity to listen first hand to the trends of the different players which comprise the field of asset management; as well as discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

The event which was spread over two days, and which was held at the JW Marquis Miami Hotel, included almost twenty panels with the participation of outstanding professionals, solutions providers, and other wealth management industry players in a setting designed for sharing, listening, and presenting best practices.

This is the second time that FIBA organizes this forum, aware of the increasingly leading role played by Miami as a major asset management center globally. Likewise, the association has taken advantage of the opportunity to transmit the importance of understanding how to thrive in an era of a highly competitive market driven by rapid technological advances and social networks, as well as understanding the fine line between client confidentiality and fiscal transparency, amongst others.