Last updated: 13:13 / Wednesday, 23 July 2014
Intl Wealth Protection

Concierge-Style Insurance Brokerage for Latin America’s Most Affluent

 Concierge-Style Insurance Brokerage for Latin America’s Most Affluent
  • “We’re a single-source provider of risk- related solutions for Latin America’s ultra-high net worth. We take pride in protecting our clients’ world.”

For Latin America’s ultra-high-net worth individuals and families— and for the financial institutions and advisors who serve them—the gateway to culturally tailored wealth protection can be found in Miami, Florida. That’s the home of International Wealth Protection, an insurance brokerage firm unlike any other in the U.S., according to Forbes.

Founder and longtime industry veteran Mary Oliva, who wields 20+ years of international marketplace experience, has traveled extensively throughout Latin America. She understands its wealthiest citizens’ unique needs and challenges; more importantly, she has the knowledge, tools and acumen to effectively address them.

“We work jointly with other wealth advisory professionals who want to fully service their foreign national clients but aren’t familiar with the cultural intricacies and regional realities that complicate plan- ning,” Oliva says. “We’re on the ground in Latin America, meeting with clients on a regular basis. The full scope of service we provide and the way we provide it truly set us apart.”

Managing the Many Facets of Risk

International Wealth Protection provides insurance-based wealth protection and wealth transfer strategies designed to protect clients’ assets, sustain their lifestyles and safeguard their legacies—all in a region too often beset by military insurrection, political instability and currency volatility.

“Ninety percent of Latin American businesses are family owned, yet only 1 percent reach the fourth generation due to a lack of planning,” Oliva says. “We understand our clients’ unique concerns as well as the nature and degree of risk they face, and we’re focused on having the conversations no one else is having with them—what keeps them up at night and the future they envision.”

International Wealth Protection also stays a step ahead of emerging regional trends. “We’ve now entered a global era of transparency and compliance,” Oliva says. “Our firm is pioneering the utilization of life insurance, including private placement policies, to meet Latin Americans’ growing need for tax-planning strategies.”

Protecting Your World: Concierge-Style Service

International Wealth Protection delivers straightforward insurance-based solutions to the highly complex and diversified jurisdiction that is Latin America. With complete understanding of the regulatory and tax environment of the region’s 20 different countries, Oliva is able to implement personalized solutions in a compliant and tax-efficient manner.

These solutions include but are not limited to: general risk evaluation
; multijurisdictional tax planning; charitable giving strategies
; U.S. beneficiary planning
; business continuity
; extraordinary risks
; asset protection
; multigenerational planning

“Our goal is to help our clients mitigaterisk in a seamless fashion,” Oliva says. “We go to great lengths to provide an excep- tional client experience.”