In its fourth edition

OMGI Global Markets Forum Brought Together over 50 Latam and US Offshore Business Professionals at its Annual Boston Conference


Author: Fórmate a Fondo

  1. Allan Macleod, Head of International Distribution, presented the latest corporate-level changes experienced by Old Mutual Global Investors' (OMGI) parent company, Old Mutual plc. The business is currently undergoing a process of splitting into four new independent units expected to be completed by the end of March 2018
  2. OMGI itself is undergoing some corporate change. The business is set to split in to two separate operations. OMGI will continue to run asset class focused or ‘single’ strategy investment funds. While its multi-asset strategy business, will begin operating as a separate entity, distributed through Old Mutual Wealth
  3. OMGI has 47.4 billion dollars in assets under management (figures at the end of the second quarter) and approximately 300 employees, 22 of them members of the international team
  4. The team from the Americas region went from consisting only of Allan Macleod and Chris Stapleton to the addition of five other people: Andrés Munho, Santiago Sacias, Francisco Rubio, Valentina Rullo and Collen Rennie
  5. Mark Nash, Head of Global Bonds, advocated the importance of macroeconomic factors for recognizing the moment for exiting the market, something that in their opinion is decisive in generating an excess return
  6. Ian Ormiston: "There is always the possibility of market distortion at any moment, pushing prices away from fundamentals, and that is when the opportunities appear"
  7. Ian Helsop: "Our fund’s investment philosophy can be summed up in today’s search for stocks which investors will want to buy tomorrow"