Last updated: 09:45 / Thursday, 10 August 2017
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Larrainvial Answers Three Questions About the Progress of the Agreements with Vontobel and Columbia Threadneedle

Larrainvial Answers Three Questions About the Progress of the Agreements with Vontobel and Columbia Threadneedle

LarrainVial Estrategia has been promoting its funds’ offer and currently maintains contacts with two new administrators. The Chilean firm responded to three questions from Funds Society about these negotiations:

1. At what stage are the discussions between Vontobel Asset Management and Columbia Threadneedle Investments?

We are constantly monitoring the market in search of managers to complement the 36 fund managing companies with whom we currently have an agreement, with the idea of improving our availability of products to incorporate our asset allocation through the best instruments for each asset class.

We do indeed have contacts, however, agreements must be approved by our Compliance area, which may take some time due to the exhaustiveness of the review process of the counterparts that is carried out, both by us, and by the aforementioned managing companies.

2. What are the main advantages of these funds and what do they contribute to LarrainVial’s existing offer?

In Vontobel’s case, what caught our attention was its consistency in funds related to emerging markets, especially in fixed income.

In Columbia Threadneedle’s case, what caught our attention was its diversified range of products globally, with interesting alternatives mainly in European equities, where they have various diverse strategies.

3. How does the work of LarrainVial Estrategia fit into the company’s regional expansion policy?

LarrainVial Estrategia was designed to be an easily scalable model for the rest of the region, with a team characterized by absolute independence, open architecture, ability to combine national and international investments, plus renowned experience in combining traditional investments with the most complete range of alternative investments.

If to all of the above we add a great commercial capacity to lower our vision, and recommendations to our financial advisors, so that these can in turn be transmitted in a consistent way to their clients, we can see the leading role in our area within LarrainVial’s general strategy.

All this is being highly valued by our financial advisors and their clients, which is reflected by the fruits that our work has started to reap. This is evident by the extreme loyalty to the company shown by our clients, due to the consistency of their portfolios and the cohesion of the discourse within the sales force.