Robeco Gathers 130 Industry Professionals at its Annual ‘2018 Kick-Off Masterclass Seminar’ in Palm Beach

US Offshore & LatAm Business


Author: Meritxell Sedo

  1. The meeting was attended by about 130 industry professionals, mainly from the US Offshore business, based in Florida, California, Texas and New York, but also directly from Latin American countries, namely, Colombia, Uruguay, Panama and Peru
  2. Michael Mullaney, Director of Global Market Research for Boston Partners: "The global economy shows strong signs of recovery, expecting global GDP growth between 3.5% and 4%"
  3. Ed Verstappen, Client Portfolio Manager: "The 'winner-takes-it-all' effect, in which a group of companies generate most of the market's profits is becoming stronger, accelerating even profit growth"
  4. Henk Grootveld, Managing Director of Trends Investment: "The digitization of the financial sector will allow 2 billion people to manage their financial situation"