For Latam & Europe Clients

Dante Neyra y Conny de la Torre Join Bolton Global From Morgan Stanley


Photo courtesyDante Neyra & Conny de la Torre

Author: Funds Society, Miami

  1. The Neyra & De La Torre Group cover high-net-worth clients from various Latin American and European countries. As a team they manage approximately $200 million in assets under management
  2. Neyra has more than three decades in the financial industry. He has spent the last nine years as a Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley in Fort Lauderdale
  3. Conny De La Torre is a Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager and Certified Financial Planner™. She started her career in 2013 at Merrill Lynch, where she began working with Mr. Neyra and in 2014, they both joined Morgan Stanley