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Bolton Global Recruits Ernesto Cucalón and Luisa Muro from Morgan Stanley


Photo courtesyErnesto Cucalón, Bolton Global Capital

Author: Marcelo Soba

  1. For the last 12 years Mr. Cucalon has worked at Morgan Stanley as an Executive Director where he has managed a book of over $300 million in assets under management
  2. Muro formerly worked at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Andersen Consulting. Her ample experience in the industry dates to 2005
  3. “Recruiting top industry professionals like Ernesto and Luisa is a major win for Bolton Global Capital. Ernesto is an experienced advisor who will undoubtedly continue to grow and enjoy tremendous success at our firm. We are looking forward to working with both of them” said Michael Averett, Bolton’s Head of Business Development