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FIBA Wealth Managment Forum: "Transformation and Opportunities: The Consolidation Conundrum”

From 05-May-2016
| Convening completed
Coconut Grove
FIBA Wealth Managment Forum: "Transformation and Opportunities: The Consolidation Conundrum”

One of the most prestigious Weatlh Managemet industry meetings in Florida, the FIBA Wealth Management Forum, organized by the Florida International Bankers Association, will be taking place this year at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Coconut Grove, on May 5th and 6th. Under the title “Transformation and Opportunities: The Consolidation Conundrum” the event, in its 4th edition, will gather recognized industry professionals, regulators, and experts to discuss, share, and update the perspectives of the industry.

During this two-day conference, challenges and opportunities in the current and future wealth landscape will be analyzed in roundtable discussions, interactive role focused workshops and open debates that bring the industry's players together to learn from each other, network and share best practices.

Specific case examples will be provided by the US Secret Service highlighting some of the local, federal and transnational arrests of these criminals as well as some of the methods they are currently utilizing to target High Net Worth Individuals and Corporations.

The Keynotes speakers will be Eduardo Mora, Director, Head of the Latin America Offshore Wealth Business, Blackrock, who will talk about “The Voice of the Investor”; And Tej Vakta, Senior Leader - Global Capital Markets Practice, Capgemini, who will do it aboutGenNext: The Future of Banking – The Impact of Technology & Social Media.

Among the speakers, David McWilliams, Head of Wealth Management Transformation, UBS; James Walker, COO and Head of Business Development – PB Americas, Credit Suisse; Roberto Martins, Chief Information Officer, Itaú Private Bank; Jacobo Gadala-Maria, President and CIO, Unimar Financial Services;  Will discuss about the topic: “Transformation. How the players and the markets have moved but the wealth is still there. What does it mean for the industry, participants and most importantly, the clients?”

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