Last updated: 05:53 / Thursday, 5 November 2020

Lonvia Capital


Lonvia Capital is an independent asset management company founded by reputed portfolio manager, Cyrille Carrière, and is based on a long-term investment philosophy that has been successfully applied for many years in European small and mid cap equities. The investment philosophy is based on the identification, analysis and selection of business models that are considered sustainable sources of value creation in a long-term investment horizon. We invest in companies with strong development potential given their positioning in buoyant markets and growth-oriented strategies based on product innovation, investment in human capital, the acquisition of new clients, and international expansion. Once selected, our goal is to support the development of these companies and facilitate the creation of long-term value for our shareholders.


Loyal to our long term investment approach, we assess companies’ environmental and social impacts and identify those with the most sustainable strategies. By doing so, we select the companies that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


In addition to investing our clients’ savings in companies with sustainable business models, we are committed to allocating 10% of our net profit to supporting medical research, social inclusion, and environmental conservation. Thus, we have the ambition to create a virtuous circle with our stakeholders and society at large.


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