Last updated: 08:21 / Tuesday, 30 March 2021



Invesco is one of the leading independent global investment managers, with more than $800 billion under management around the globe. Invesco has more than 750 investment professionals and over 6,000 employees worldwide giving local client support in more than 20 countries and serving clients in more than 130 countries. It has 13 specialized investment teams around the globe, where specialized investment teams manage investments across a wide range of asset classes and investment styles. It´s listed at the New York Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization around $15 billion and being a member of the S&P500 index.

"Our mission is helping investors worldwide to achieve their financial objectives. Our differentiators are the commitment to investment excellence, depth of investment capabilities and organizational strength. Thanks to the combination of all these factors, our clients benefit from a disciplined investment philosophy and process, capabilities to meet client needs and a superior client experience".

Contact phone: +34 917 813 028