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Our organization was founded in 1976 and is a global financial services company that offers an extensive range of capabilities within active management. The driving force of our success has been our culture of intensive analysis, while we use our patented methodology "Private Market Value with catalyst", also intensive in analysis. As active stock pickers, today, the keys to our success are the same as those that prevailed in 1976: a focus on fundamental bottom-up analysis, a consistent investment process and a commitment to search for returns adjusted to the higher risk. Today, 

Gabelli has managed portfolios dedicated to merger arbitration since 1985. Our strategy is an extension of our "Private Market Value with Catalyst" approach to value investment . Mergers and acquisitions tend to be a way out of a long idea as a result of a catalyst that has arisen around the companies that we analyze and that ultimately invest in the equity part with long positions and value bias of our business. We feel that investing in unleveraged merger arbitrage is a great alternative for cash and a logical alternative to fixed income in an environment with potential interest rate hikes. In the last thirty years that our firm has managed this strategy, the objective and the results have generated an alpha higher than the risk free rate. With an absolute return that has no correlation with the market. We have achieved this by generating risk-adjusted returns that are independent of the bulk of the market, and with the accumulation of these positive returns in the long term, while offering a solution with lower volatility that can also provide downward protection in more turbulent market conditions.

In 2011, the firm took its merger arbitration strategy within the framework of UCITS, and the investment team continues to manage the UCITS fund at the same pace as our onshore strategy that was first launched in 1985.

UCITS Fund Descriptions


 GAMCO Merger Arbitrage UCITS Fund, launched in October 2011, is an open-end fund incorporated in Luxembourg and compliant with UCITS regulation. The team, dedicated strategy, and record dates back to 1985. The objective of the GAMCO Merger Arbitrage Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing primarily in announced equity merger and acquisition transactions while maintaining a diversified portfolio. The Fund utilizes a highly specialized investment approach designed principally to profit from the successful completion of proposed mergers, takeovers, tender offers, leveraged buyouts and other types of corporate reorganizations. Analyzes and continuously monitors each pending transaction for potential risk, including: regulatory, terms, financing, and shareholder approval.

Merger investments are a highly liquid, non-market correlated, proven and consistent alternative to traditional fixed income and equity securities. Merger returns are dependent on deal spreads. Deal spreads are a function of time, deal risk premium, and interest rates. Returns are thus correlated to interest rate changes over the medium term and not the broader equity market. The prospect of rising rates would imply higher returns on mergers as spreads widen to compensate arbitrageurs. As bond markets decline (interest rates rise), merger returns should improve as capital allocation decisions adjust to the changes in the costs of capital.

Broad Market volatility can lead to widening of spreads in merger positions, coupled with our well-researched merger portfolios, offer the potential for enhanced IRRs through dynamic position sizing. Daily price volatility fluctuations coupled with less proprietary capital (the Volcker rule) in the U.S. have contributed to improving merger spreads and thus, overall returns. Thus our fund is well positioned as a cash substitute or fixed income alternative.

Our objectives are to compound and preserve wealth over time, while remaining non-correlated to the broad global markets. We created our first dedicated merger fund 32 years ago. Since then, our merger performance has grown client assets at an annualized rate of  approximately 11% gross and 7.6% net since inception. Today, we manage assets on behalf of institutional and high net worth clients globally in a variety of fund structures and mandates.

 Class I USD - LU0687944552

Class I EUR - LU0687944396

Class A USD - LU0687943745

Class A EUR - LU0687943661

Class R USD - LU1453360825

Class R EUR - LU1453361476



The GAMCO All Cap Value UCITS Fund launched in May, 2015 utilizes Gabelli’s its proprietary PMV with a Catalyst™ investment methodology, which has been in place since 1977. The Fund seeks absolute returns through event driven value investing. Our methodology centers around fundamental, research-driven, value based investing with a focus on asset values, cash flows and identifiable catalysts to maximize returns independent of market direction. The fund draws on the experience of its global portfolio team and 35+ value research analysts.

GAMCO is an active, bottom-up, value investor, and seeks to achieve real capital appreciation (relative to inflation) over the long term regardless of market cycles. Our value-oriented stock selection process is based on the fundamental investment principles first articulated in 1934 by Graham and Dodd, the founders of modern security analysis, and further augmented by Mario Gabelli in 1977 with his introduction of the concepts of Private Market Value (PMV) with a Catalyst™ into equity analysis. PMV with a Catalyst™ is our unique research methodology that focuses on individual stock selection by identifying firms selling below intrinsic value with a reasonable probability of realizing their PMV’s which we define as the price a strategic or financial acquirer would be willing to pay for the entire enterprise.  The fundamental valuation factors utilized to evaluate securities prior to inclusion/exclusion into the portfolio, our research driven approach views fundamental analysis as a three pronged approach:  free cash flow (earnings before, interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or EBITDA, minus the capital expenditures necessary to grow/maintain the business); earnings per share trends; and private market value (PMV), which encompasses on and off balance sheet assets and liabilities. Our team arrives at a PMV valuation by a rigorous assessment of fundamentals from publicly available information and judgement gained from meeting management, covering all size companies globally and our comprehensive, accumulated knowledge of a variety of sectors. We then identify businesses for the portfolio possessing the proper margin of safety and research variables from our deep research universe.

 Class I USD - LU1216601648

Class I EUR - LU1216601564

Class A USD - LU1216600913

Class A EUR - LU1216600673

Class R USD - LU1453359900

Class R EUR - LU1453360155