Last updated: 10:59 / Tuesday, 11 February 2020

EXAN Capital

EXAN Capital

EXAN Capital is an independent company based in Miami, that offers integral Real Estate investment advisory and asset management services to HNWI y UHNWI.  

Their scope within the Real Estate sector is ample, encompassing both commercial and residential investments.

While the established target markets are the U.S. and Spain, specific deals may be pursued in other markets within Europe or Latin America.

EXAN Capital is comprised by a group of partners who accumulate extensive professional experience in different reputable entities. Additionally, it has reached privileged agreements with local partners in strategic markets (IBA Capital Partners).

EXAN Capital will assist the investor in defining a strategy that adapts to his/her investment profile and will carry out the tasks of sourcing, analysis, due diligence, purchase, pursuit of financing, structuring the entity, and asset management with periodic reports for the investor.

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