Last updated: 10:58 / Tuesday, 11 February 2020



Founded in 1989 by Edouard Carmignac, Carmignac is now one of Europe's leading asset managers. Its capital is held entirely by managers and staff. In this way, the company's long-term viability is ensured via a stable shareholding structure, reflecting its spirit of independence. This fundamental value ensures the freedom required for successful long-term portfolio management.

With over EUR 57 billion of assets under management, Carmignac has developed an extensive range of 18 funds covering all asset classes - equities, bonds and diversified - to meet investors' expectations as fully as possible.

The funds are actively marketed in 11 European countries: France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and the United Kingdom. As part of its international development, Carmignac has two subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Frankfurt, three offices in Madrid, Milan and London, and has registered all of its funds intended for professional investors in Singapore.