Last updated: 10:52 / Tuesday, 11 February 2020

A&G Banca Privada


Founded in 1987 in Madrid by a group of Spanish executives, A&G Banca Privada offers exclusive advisory services to private wealth management clients.

In 2008 EFG International, a leading Swiss international private banking group, became its main shareholder, with the A&G executives and agents retaining the remaining capital, as well as management of the company. 

In 2014 A&G A&G obtained authorization from Banco de España to form a new bank, which will be known as A&G Banca Privada. To constitute this new bank, the group carried out a capital increase of 20 million euros subscribed by executives and agents from the firm.

In recent years, A&G has doubled its assets under management, reaching in the second half of 2015 6,700 million euros and his offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Seville, León, Valencia, Valladolid and Luxembourg.

One of the main reasons for this growth has been its ability to gain senior bankers from other entities, attracted by a business model that differs from that of the rest of the sector. This model is based on the fact that A&G Banca Privada does not set sales or fund-taking targets for bankers, it does not carry out product campaigns, and it offers them the possibility of becoming shareholders of the institution.

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Tlf: 91 590 21 21

Adress: Paseo de la Castellana 92, Madrid.