Last updated: 13:21 / Thursday, 7 January 2021
A process that will take months

Wells Fargo´s Wealth & Investment Management is Exiting its International Segment

  • Wells Fargo has decided to close its international segment to focus on the resident client
  • They will support international clients in relocating their assets at other firms
  • Wells Fargo will also work with all affected advisors about their individual options

Wells Fargo´s Wealth & Investment Management is exiting its international segment business to focus on the resident client, as well as Americans abroad for reasons related to foreign or military service, as confirmed by the firm to Funds Society. This change affects Wells Fargo Advisors (its brokerage), Wells Fargo Private Bank, and Abbot Downing.

"We understand this is a difficult change for our international-focused advisors (located in its Miami, NY, Texas and California offices) and this business will take many months to exit," said Shea Leordeanu, SVP of Communications at Wells Fargo.

She also mentioned that the firm "will work very directly with all affected advisors about their individual options," adding that they will continue to focus on providing their clients excellent service during this transition, "and will work directly with advisors so they can assist their clients with a smooth transition of their accounts out of the company in a manner that is consistent with regulatory expectations."

According to an internal memo cited by other news outlets, advisors have until next September to close accounts that do not comply with residency requirements, and they will not be able to open new accounts after January 19th.

"Wells Fargo is focused on meeting our regulatory requirements, managing risk, and simplifying operations across the company. We are also committed to focusing on our core businesses. For Wells Fargo Advisors, Wells Fargo Private Bank, and Abbot Downing, our core business focus is serving clients who primarily reside in the U.S. We will also continue to service accounts for active duty U.S. military and U.S. government employees who may be stationed abroad," she stated.