Last updated: 05:42 / Monday, 22 July 2013
At Biscayne Art House

“Vanishing Points & Convergence”: Salvadorean Art in Perspective

 “Vanishing Points & Convergence”: Salvadorean Art in Perspective

After its official opening on December 6, 2012, Biscayne Art House opened its doors to art lovers in Miami and Worldwide.

Located in the heart of Miami and the Brickell Financial District, the historic building reflects the classic splendor of the ancient city, just a few steps from its downtown elegant infrastructures.

Biscayne Art House is a division of Biscayne Capital International, a wealth management boutique firm, with offices in Uruguay, Ecuador, Switzerland and the Bahamas.

Biscayne Art House proudly encourages art in all forms, and is an advocate for the promotion of arts in the city, thus contributing to the entry of International artists to the community, acting as the gateway to the Americas.

Biscayne Art House has positioned itself as a portal to showcase artists from Latin America, the Caribbean and Worldwide.

It’s recent exposition “Vanishing Points & Convergence” Salvadorean Art in Perspective allows visitors to come into contact with the diversity of the country’s artistic practices. Their strength prevails despite having originated in a peripheral zone in relation to the harmonic centers from which the narrative of what is characterized as global is constructed.

Ronald Moran, Danny Zavaleta and Luis Cornejo, which exhibit individual works in Miami, as an initiative connected to the recent constitution of "Fugalternativa".

FUGALTERNATIVA culture is an educational non-profit that promotes contemporary artistic experimentation through exhibitions, curatorial projects, talks and other activities alternative expression.

Biscayne Art House hopes to expand the scope of contemporary artists, exposition after exposition as well as presenting works of the greatest masters. This exposition is being healed the Art House Gallery from July 11th through August 1st 2013, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and weekends with prior appointments."