Last updated: 05:00 / Tuesday, 5 August 2014
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Thinking Heads Group Begins Its Expansion in Latin America

Thinking Heads Group Begins Its Expansion in Latin America
  • The Group opens its first office in Miami with the support of a powerful group of regional partners
  • In order to achieve its objectives, it relies on a group of investors including José Castellano, Managing Director of Pioneer Investments, and Eduardo Rabassa, Managing Partner of Amrop Seeliger and Conde US

Thinking Heads Group (THG), the first agent in the Hispanic world specialized in operating within the globalized market of ideas, is beginning its process of expansion in the region with the intention of broadening its efforts in spreading the ideas, values, projects and knowledge of its clients throughout Latin America and the USA. With a potential market worth over 2,500 million dollars that includes personal, digital, literary and on-trend contents, THG aspires to become the Thought Leadership Hub on a worldwide scale, based on the application of its unique management model on personal positioning.

Miami – the enterprise node par excellence among the different American regions – has been the city selected to begin on the expansion project. A project that anticipates, over the next two years, the opening of three more offices across the region, as well as the incorporation of top-level figures from all over Latin America into the Group's portfolio of clients.

In its launch, Thinking Heads Américas will put into practice the methodology developed by some of the world’s most prestigious thinkers: the management of personal positioning, through the generation and diffusion of knowledge. Thanks to this, personalities like Felipe González, Ricardo Lakes or Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero have been able to contact those institutions that have wished to draw on their ideas to improve the environment in which they operate. And most importantly – it always engages the capacity of reflection and thought of the target audience. For this reason, THG has already staged more than 6,000 public appearances, ensuring its digital audiovisual production contents were a formative element of success for thousands of directors and companies.

In addition, it has advised and promoted the works of hundreds of authors and has planned the personal positioning strategy for more than 80 personalities of various scopes. Amongst them are the economists Jose Carlos Diez and Carlos Rodriguez Braun; the lawyer and ex-minister Ana Palacio; the athletes Toni Nadal and Emilio Butragueño; the philosopher José Antonio Marina; the journalist Pedro J. Ramirez and the artist Theo Jansen, as well as various personalities from the world of business, science and ideas.

In order to achieve its objectives, Thinking Heads Américas relies on a group of investors including: Erics Bergasa, Partner in Tagua Capital; Alex Blochtein, General International Manager of Nortek; José Castellano, Managing Director of Pioneer Investments; Eduardo Rabassa, Managing Partner of Amrop Seeliger and Conde US; Pete Pizarro, CEO at Whitney International University System; Ignasi Puig, CEO of SCPF América; Gustavo Cisneros and Steven Bandel, chairman and co-chairman of Organización Cisneros.

The Board of Directors of the new company will be chaired by Steven Bandel, while Daniel Romero-Abreu – chair and founder of Thinking Heads – will hold the post of CEO. Iván Abanades, who was been director of the Thinking Heads office in Barcelona, has been appointed as Director General of Thinking Heads Americas.