Last updated: 06:41 / Monday, 7 June 2021
At Streamsong, Florida

The Winners and Pictures From Funds Society's 2019 Investments & Golf Summit

Earlier this month, the Streamsong Resort and Golf, in Florida, hosted an array of fund selectors, financial advisers, private bankers and all those professionals involved in making investment decisions for non-resident clients in the United States.

Between May 6 and 8, nearly 50 professionals from the sector gathered at the idyllic resort to hear nine asset managers' investment solutions: Amundi, Allianz Global Investors, AXA IM, Janus Henderson, M & G Investments , Participant Capital, RWC Partners, Thornburg IM and TwentyFour AM (Vontobel AM).

They also enjoyed a competitive golf tournament and parallel activities such as clay pigeon shooting and archery (see photos on the carousel above).

The winners

The golf tournament was held on May 8 at the Streamsong Black field with an Individual Net Strableford format. Among those with a handicap lower than 18, Julio Guemes Jr took first place, while Roberto García won second place.

The winners of the second round (handicap over 18) were Fernando Pardo, in the first position, and Francisco Velasco, in the second.

The individual trophies were for:

  • Daniel Stapff, winner of the trophies Closest to the hole # 5, sponsored by AXA Investments Managers, with 5'10 ", as well as Closest to the hole # 15, sponsored by Vontobel, with 4'4".
  • Juan Minana, with 9'5 ", won the Closest to the hole # 7, sponsored by M & G Investments.
  • Humberto Bañuelos, with 22'8 ", got the Closest to the hole # 17, sponsored by Thornburg IM.
  • Eduardo Cadenas won Long Drive # 1, sponsored by RWC Partners.
  • Ryan Allison won the Long Drive # 8, sponsored by Participant Capital.
  • Laura Viveros was crowned with the Long Drive # 11, sponsored by Amundi.
  • Rodrigo Soto won the Long Drive # 18, sponsored by Janus Henderson.
  • Martin Guyot won Straight Drive # 12, sponsored by Allianz Global Investors.