Last updated: 13:47 / Wednesday, 29 May 2013
Official sponsor of Ferrari

Santander launches a song and video clip as a tribute to Scuderia Ferrari

Banco Santander has launched "Forza, Santander's Tribute to Scuderia Ferrari", a song and video clip made from the characteristic sounds of Formula 1 cars, such as the engine or the wheel guns. The song is a tribute by the bank to Scuderia Ferrari and to their four years of partnership.

The song was composed by the Spanish musician and producer Carlos Jean, who went to Maranello with his team to record the sounds of the Ferrari factory. Just as the heart of a song is its melody, so the heart of a car is its engine. That is why the sound of the Ferrari engine provides the melody for this single, while wheel guns, tyre calibrators and car jacks provide the beat.

Carlos Jean recorded part of the song live at an institutional event staged by Banco Santander and the F1 team ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. The Scuderia Ferrari official drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, the test drivers Marc Gené and Pedro de la Rosa, the Team Principal Stefano Domenicali, the engineers and mechanics took an active part in the recording.

The drivers, engineers, mechanics and other staff of Ferrari all valued and appreciated the creation of this song and video clip. Banco Santander has been an official sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari since the 2010 season and their partnership runs until the end of 2017.