Last updated: 13:32 / Monday, 15 July 2013
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Perfecto, a Spanish Touch in Miami’s Financial Heart

Perfecto, a Spanish Touch in Miami’s Financial Heart

Perfecto a new Spanish restaurant, which avoids the traditional concept, has just opened its doors in Miami, Perfecto's precursors try to provide a new twist, with contemporary cuisine, yet without forgetting the roots of traditional Spanish food and also with the addition of a cocktail bar, yes, in true Spanish style.

Perfecto, located in Brickell Avenue, right in Miami’s financial center, opened to the public with the aim of becoming a reference point in the city, where Spanish supply in general is not abundant,  and even less so in the category in which its owners have ventured and in which they are looking to get stronger.  

The concept is tapas, but "different tapas", even incorporating the nitrogen technique in the kitchen for the elaboration of desserts. "The offer is very unusual, it’s different to all the others," says Oscar Manresa, head of Perfecto, to Funds Society. Besides the cuisine with which they hope to conquer the Miami public, they pay great attention to detail. "Creating an ambience is as important as the food, "says Manresa.

Thanks to an important fusion of cultures, Miami is a city with a rich and abundant gastronomic offer, but, with few exceptions, Spanish food has not been well represented. It is exactly for that reason, and with the intention of providing a new twist and to acquire the hold of the gap that exists in the market, that Perfecto has appointed Daniel Torres Portes, a Spanish chef with an outstanding career and straight from Barcelona, as head chef.

Torres has been a culinary instructor in the Arnadi (Hofmann) School of Hospitality. Before joining this project in Miami, for which he, together with his wife, did not hesitate to pack their bags a few months ago, he worked in Barcelona at the Hofmann restaurant, in the Garden del Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I and in the restaurant of the Palau de la Musica, amongst others.

In addition to the soul of the kitchen, the venture’s management will be in the hands of Oscar Manresa, a professional with over 18 years experience in the sector in Spain, especially in Catalonia, where he manages more than 10 establishments ranging from the cocktails bar at the Hotel Palace in Barcelona,​​ Rien de Rien, to several venues and trendy establishments in Barcelona.

Manresa and Torres have told Funds Society how,  months ago,  they decided to jump on the bandwagon, on the  idea of ​​a group of investors, some of them friends, to take the best out of each of the establishments that Manresa had managed, andfuse all  that together into one “perfect” venue in Miami,  hence the name. Perfecto also has an impeccable decor with a certain rustic touch.

Manresa has planned to stay in Miami during the business’ first stage, but once the restaurant is on track and in full and smooth operation, he hopes to be able to divide his time between the two cities, in order to continue to operate his business in Spain. He admits that he did not hesitate in packing his bags to pursue this idea. "In Spain it is difficult to stay afloat, let alone to grow in this time of crisis."

The venue is transformed after dark and "Perfecto" with its large terrace overlooking Brickell Avenue, becomes a cocktail bar, which is also livened up with the music of a DJ, also from Barcelona. "The concept of food & music is a formula that has worked for me in the venues I've opened," says Manresa, who hopes to continue on that same path with Perfecto.