Last updated: 07:49 / Thursday, 9 April 2020
#StayatHome #FSsigueInformándote

Funds Society Will Continue to be With its Readers... Holding On!

From Miami, Montevideo, Mexico City, Oslo and Madrid, Funds Society and Futuro a Fondo's teams have not let our guard down and we continued workiong, from home, to offer our readers the best information and analysis on the fund industry, yes, with great smile and with a lot of rhythm.

With this video we wanted to join the numerous social media campaigns in favor of staying home to resist and defeat COVID-19. In these hard days of confinement, uncertainty and grief, we want our spirit of struggle, resistance and joy to accompany you, alongside the information.

The management, marketing and writing teams opened the doors of our houses to be closer to our readers and convey the meaning of this song, which has become a hymn against the coronavirus.

Together we will overcome this pandemic and return to work, meet and live. But in the meantime, Funds Society will continue to stand by its readers, from all corners of the world... As we say in Spanish, "Resisitiendo," or holding on!