Last updated: 17:20 / Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Rafael Fernández

Paraguay, a 21st century American miracle

Paraguay, a 21st century American miracle

Knowing about Paraguay is as simple as learning to count to 10:

  • 1 st   largest net exporter of electricity globally
  • 2 nd  largest producer and exporter of stevia globally
  • 3 rd  largest fleet of barges globally, after the U.S. and China
  • 4 th  largest soybean and charcoal exporter globally
  • 5 th  largest soya flour exporter globally
  • 6 th  largest maize exporter globally
  • 7 th  largest producer and largest exporter of organic sugar globally   
  • 8 th  largest soybean industrialization globally
  • 9 th  largest meat exporter globally
  • 10 th largest wheat exporter globally

An export capacity coupled with negligible public debt and the world’s healthiest financial system, make Paraguay the nation with the greatest economic potential in the region and one of the greatest worldwide, with a real GDP growth estimated by the International Monetary Fund, at 11% in 2013 and inflation of 4.25%.

Access to capital markets to finance large business ventures is poor, without even a secondary market developing in the stock exchange, i.e. Paraguayan firms are financed only by fixed income bonds.

This scenario is favorable for investment funds, since this nation has a brilliant future, with a strong estimated population growth until 2040 due to its population under 30, which exceeds 70%, and the yields offered due of the lack of development of the financial markets are exorbitant, hovering around 20% annually.