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GameStop Hungover and Love-The-Planet bets


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  1. Love Our Planet and People (LOPP:NYSE), our new actively traded non-transparent ETF for the decade of the 20s, is based on saving Planet Earth, helping people and creating the potential for saving the planet, and by focusing on the impact of climate change as well as on reducing/recycling plastic and on innovative companies that are developing new and sustainable solutions to carbon reduction.
  2. In the world of merger arbitrage, dealmaking momentum carried into the new year, with global deal activity increasing 38% year-over-year to $300 billion.
  3. Finally, the global convertible market followed up on a remarkable year with another strong month in January. The primary market was quite active as $12.6bn was offered globally. This new issuance performed well, despite some aggressive pricing. We expect this to continue through the year as companies can raise capital at attractive terms.