According to Morningstar

The Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK: The Most Investor-Friendly Markets in Terms of Regulation and Taxation


Pixabay CC0 Public Domain. Países Bajos, Suecia y el Reino Unido, los mercados más favorables para los inversores en términos de regulación e impuestos

Autor: Beatriz Zúñiga

  1. Australia, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States received Below Average grades in Morningstar's Global Study of Regulation and Taxation in the Fund Industry
  2. Every European country covered by the MiFID II regulations earned at least an average grade
  3. Japan doesn't mandate disclosure of third-party research costs or distribution costs paid out of fund assets, and there is no requirement to disclose advisors' or distributors' conflicts of interests
  4. Of the 26 markets, only Singapore and Hong Kong do not tax fund investors at all