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Most Institutions are Abreast of Changes and Ready to Comply with FATCA

Most Institutions are Abreast of Changes and Ready to Comply with FATCA

The wealth management industry has experienced many changes in recent years, especially in new rules and regulations, something which Steven L. Cantor, Managing Partner of Cantor & Webb, knows quite well, as he has been legally representing and advising high net worth families for 35 years; he has guided and directed those families in the process of complying with multiple tax and regulatory obligations, as well as providing advice on wealth planning.

For Cantor, changes in regulatory matters that are occurring now are causing the business to become increasingly transparent, in clear reference to the FATCA law, a rule orchestrated by the U.S. government which seeks to combat international tax evasion, which is estimated at USD 40,000 million annually.

Therefore, Cantor stresses that private bankers, in their advisory roles, are more aware than ever that clients must be current and meet their respective jurisdictions.

Most institutions are ready

Regarding FATCA, Cantor believes that most of the institutions are ready, as long they know what lies ahead and how to act in order to stay abreast of changes. He says that in the current context what will change is the transparency. “The world changes, just as the rules and regulations that apply change, and in the case of this particular sector is a major breakthrough because it will provide great transparency."

Steven’s advice to wealth advisors is to keep abreast of regulatory changes and new regulations, but above all, to provide the client with the possibility of putting themselves in the hands of a professional who specializes in the area of tax planning and who may legally advise the client, which eventually avoids many problems.

Regarding the type of client company, Cantor says the typical customer is Latin, “the matriarch or patriarch of a family, with one foot in America and another in Latin America and who is looking to plan their wealth from both a legal and a taxation point of view; structuring their assets to comply in all respects with the tax offices of both the USA as well as that of their respective country.”

Another very common situation is the client who comes from Latin America to reside in the United States, and who was born in the United States but has never before lived in the United States and either did not feel the need, or did not know, that as an American citizen they had the obligation to comply with the U.S. treasury. “When they come here and settle is when the problem begins. They are dual nationality citizens, and they require complex advice”.

FIBA Private Banking Conference in Miami in September

Steven L. Cantor, Managing Partner at Cantor & Webb, who is also a partner of FIBA, talks about the upcoming private banking appointment that FIBA will hold in Miami on the 16 th and 17 th of September, a meeting which will have a large audience, and which will be represented by over 75 financial institutions and professionals from Latin America, Europe ...

 “As a member of FIBA, I am very pleased to see how FIBA assumes a very active role in understanding, educating, and providing ideas and opportunities for the industry in a very interesting format of working panels which allow to make the most of these conferences.”

In September, Cantor will act as moderator in the panel: “How has asset management and wealth planning evolved in an era of greater fiscal transparency?” The speakers will be Arturo Giacosa, head of Fiduciary and Hispanic Market Wealth Planning, Itau International Private Banking, Stephen Liss, director of Wealth and Investment Management at Barclays Americas and Klemens Zeller, wealth advisor at JP. Morgan.