Last updated: 10:52 / Friday, 20 November 2015
Ranking by Terrapinn

Who are the 15 most Relevant Latin American and US Offshore Private Banking Industry Professionals?

Who are the 15 most Relevant Latin American and US Offshore Private Banking Industry Professionals?

Terrapinn, in collaboration with Wealth Management Americas, has published a list of the 15 most influential industry professionals from private banking and wealth management in Latin America and US Offshore. Voters have valued excellence in customer service, in addition to wealth planning and preservation, and portfolio management. The ranking this year includes professionals from 14 private banks and four different countries; eight are located in Brazil; five based in the United States, with one professional in Mexico and another one in Switzerland.

Beatriz Sanchez, of Goldman Sachs, United States, was the highest ranked with 252 votes, closely followed by Emerson Pieri, of Barings Investments, Brazil, with 247, and Diego Pivoz, of HSBC USA, with 235. The Spaniard, Conchita Calderon of JP Morgan, Mexico, and Ernesto de La Fe, of Jeffries, United States, rounded out the top 5 with 211 and 198 votes respectively.

Between the fifth and tenth positions, are two industry professionals based in the United States, and three in Brazil: Gabriel Porzecanski, of HSBC, USA; Adriana Pineiro, of Morgan Stanley, USA; Renato Cohn, of BTG Pactual Brazil; Joao Albino Winkelmann, of Bradesco, Brazil; and Francisco J. Levy of UBS, Wealth Management Brazil.

Four other professionals based in Brazil, and the only one located in Switzerland to obtain a position in the ranking of the 15 most influential professionals, appear between the tenth and fifteenth positions: Charles Ferraz, of Itau Unibanco, Brazil; Guilhermo Morales, of Audi Bank, Switzerland; Raphael Guinle, of BTG Pactual, Brazil; Felipe Godard, of Deutsche Bank, Brazil; and Renato Roizenblit, of SLW Brazil.

The Wealth Management Americas 2015 forum, organized by Terrapinn, took place this week, with the participation of two of the professionals ranked in the top 5: Diego Pivoz, of HSBC, who shared his view on deregulation and transparency, and Ernesto de la Fe, of Jeffries, who talked about client relationship management, and how the private banking industry needs to adapt to the increasingly global presence of its clients.