Last updated: 10:22 / Monday, 31 March 2014
According to BrightScope

WE Family Offices Leads Miami RIAs with 2.7 Billion Dollars in Assets

WE Family Offices Leads Miami RIAs with 2.7 Billion Dollars in Assets

With 2,7 billion dollars in assets under management WE Family Offices takes the leading spot amongst Miami’s RIAs (Registered Investment Advisor). According to BrightScope, the financial information company,  the firm, which was founded just over a year ago by a large group of professionals from Genspring Family Offices, surpassed the figure of 2 billion dollars in assets under advisementjust six months after its launch in January 2013, and currently boasts 2.7 billion dollars.

Santiago Ulloa, president of WE Family Offices, explained to Funds Society in this respect that over the last 12 months, "we have worked to strengthen our team of consultants across the board, in the financial, family governance, and tax and estate planning areas. The team’s strength is helping us to grow rapidly, having experienced a growth of over 1 billion dollars in the past year." Ulloa stated that theirs is a long term plan, however, and that they are not transferring any pressure at all in order to grow.

This year's list of the top firms in Miami shows a strong increase in assets under management, "which proves that local investors’ confidence in the market has increased," said Brooks Herman, BrightScope’s Managing Director for Data and Research. The previous list was published in 2012.

The second place, with 2.6 billion dollars under management, is held by Lipper Advisory Services, a company whose largest shareholders are A. Michael Lipper and Sean Walsh. Lipper Advisory Services provides management services to wealthy families, pension plans, and charitable organizations.

Lipper is renowned for being the promoter of the Lipper Growth Fund Index, the first of the current range of Lipper indices, which analyze the performance and average of various categories of mutual funds. After selling his firm to Thomson Reuters in 1998, Lipper has focused on managing investments for his friends and clients.

After Lipper, the third place in the list is held by Guggenheim Partners Latin America, with 1.6 billion dollars under management. Guggenheim Partners Latin America is an enterprise of Guggenheim Partners and certain former managers of Guggenheim Investment Advisors. The company offers wealth management and family office services to high net worth individuals and foundations. Guggenheim Partners is an independent and private firm.

Guggenheim is followed by Evensky & Katz  with 759.1 million dollars; Genesis Investment Advisors, with 756 million; London and Capital Investment Advisors, with 605.7 million; Investor Solutions, with 604.9 million; Gentrust Wealth Management, with 523.9 million; Gables Capital Management, with 499.7 million and Foldes Financial Management, with 497.2 million dollars.

After the aforementioned companies the list is as follows:

  1. Bigsur Wealth Management, LLC - $608M
  2. Finser International Corporation - $470M
  3. Bayshore Asset Management, LLC - $319.2M
  4. Firestone Capital Management Inc. - $316M
  5. KR Financial Services, Inc. - $306.9M
  6. Greytown Advisors - $290.5M
  7. Colbert Investment Management Co. - $236.2M
  8. Mori Huston Partners - $213.9M
  9. Tobias Financial Advisors, Inc. - $196.6M
  10. Noctua International Wmg, LLC - $187.5M


For your information...

Los RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) son asesores o empresas dedicadas al negocio de asesoría de inversión y registrados, ya sea ante la SEC o las autoridades de valores estatales. Asimismo, un RIA es definido por la Ley de Asesores de Inversiones de 1940 como una “persona o empresa que, por compensación, se dedica a prestar asesoramiento, emitir informes o suministrar análisis de valores, ya sea directamente o a través de publicaciones”. Un asesor de inversiones tiene una obligación fiduciaria con su cliente, lo que se traduce en que él o ella tiene la obligación fundamental de proporcionar la asesoría de inversión adecuada y actuar siempre en el mejor interés de los clientes.

BrightScope explica que los activos bajo gestión están sujetos a cambios, pues los datos son actualizados continuamente. La información presentada en esta lista está actualizada a 18 de marzo y debe ser contemplada como una instantánea en el tiempo. BrightScope obtiene sus datos directamente de fuentes disponibles públicamente.