Last updated: 09:43 / Wednesday, 16 November 2016
Three in total

Vanguard Cross Listed New ETFs in Mexico

Vanguard Cross Listed New ETFs in Mexico

Vanguard has cross-listed three U.S.-domiciled funds on the Global Market of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

The U.S. domiciled ETFs are:

  • The Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF (VMBS)
  • The Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIGI)
  • The Vanguard International High Dividend Yield ETF (VYMI)

The cross-listing of U.S. domiciled ETFs in Mexico provides a strong product foundation for Vanguard, and a cost-efficient method of serving the Mexican market. The addition of these three products brings the total number of Vanguard ETFs registered on the Mexican Stock Exchange to 65, which you can see in the attached document.

Vanguard's Heinz Volquarts noted that the three funds they cross-listed are not registered with the Comisión Nacional del Sistema de Ahorro para el Retiro (CONSAR). therefore the Mexican Pension Funds (afores) are not yet allowed to invest in them.