Last updated: 10:18 / Tuesday, 21 July 2020
Pension Reform underway

201 Global Asset Managers Can Now Try to Woo Mexican Pension Funds

201 Global Asset Managers Can Now Try to Woo Mexican Pension Funds

It is official, Afores can now invest in international mutual funds. The meeting and authorization of the Risk Analysis Committee (CAR) that  international managers, afores and the regulator have been waiting for since 2017, has already taken place and, as a result, the guidelines by which afores can invest in mutual funds with active strategies can be consulted in only 12 pages.

In summary, in order to be elegible the manager should have at least 10 years of experience managing investment vehicles or investment mandates, as well as at least 50 billion dollars in assets under management. The same amount that applies to managers looking for an investment mandate. According to the CAR document, this requirement, which is fulfilled by the 201 largest asset managers in the world, can be modified by the Investment Committees of the Pension Funds by "considering criteria such as the experience of the administrator in the management of assets in the international markets of the strategy object of investment, the performance of the Fund, as well as additional criteria determined by their own Investment Committees."

The fund in particular must have at least 2 years of operation since its inception and more than 100 million dollars in assets. In addition to being open funds of an Eligible Country for Investments and having a benchmark.

Although the guidelines do not indicate that the daily composition of the funds should be known, a condition with which several players were not comfortable, they do mention that the net value of the assets of the fund should be known daily.

The fund itself may use derivatives to reduce costs, manage liquidity, marginally facilitate the replication of the index or sub-index or for risk management but not to increase returns, leverage or synthetically replicate the benchmark.

In addition, to preserve the active nature of the strategy, investment in other funds or ETFs will not be allowed.

This resolution marks a milestone in the way Afores can invest and has been in the process for several years, as well as the increase of the 20% limit on investment in foreign securities, which the CONSAR confirms that they are still working to achieve. For this to change, there needs to be change to the law, which is now underway, but without a doubt, the approval of the investment in international funds will change the market in Mexico and the way of investing the afores, for the benefit of the workers.