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Markets | 06:00 | 25/04/2019
Sixth edition

For Twentyfour Asset Management, a multi-sector bond strategy provides an attractive level of income and an opportunity for capital growth by investing in a broad range of bonds from the diverse fixed-income universe.

Markets | 07:28 | 11/04/2019
BNY Mellon’s Annual Conference

Ulrich Gerhard, Senior Portfolio Manager of High Yield at Insight Investment, a BNY Mellon company, started his career in the investment industry in 1997.

Markets | 06:59 | 11/04/2019
Interview with Kevin Daly

Aberdeen Standard Investments currently manages 13 billion dollars in debt from emerging countries. Of these, 195 million come from its border market strategy, which has been underway since September 2013.

Markets | 09:59 | 04/04/2019
Sixth edition

The sixth edition of  Funds Society's Investments & Golf Summit will take place on May 6th-8th at the Streamsong Resort and Golf.

Markets | 09:39 | 04/04/2019
Short duration strategy

Adam Peterson, CFA is one of four members of the Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) team that manages over USD 6.0 billion of assets in the SHORT DURATION HIGH INCOME fund. Mr.

Markets | 14:12 | 01/04/2019
Sixth edition

RWC Partners, an independent asset manager, will talk about US equities at the 2019 Investments & Golf Summit organized by Funds Society.

Markets | 10:04 | 21/03/2019
Keeps rates unchanged

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday left rates unchanged and lowered its economic forecasts. Moving from a 2.3% GDP growth estimate to a 2.1%, as well as upping unemployment numbers from 3.5% to the still low 3.7%. It  also signaled it was done hiking rates for the year.

Markets | 19:01 | 06/03/2019
2019 Outlook

In mid-2018, the IMF warned that, for the first time in history, global debt had reached 225% of world GDP. Due to central banks’ QE, global debt is today more than three times higher than the level of 20 years ago.