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For Effective ESG Investing, Mind the Negative and Positive Externalities


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Autor: Cecilia Prieto

  1. "Enhancing traditional financial analysis with extensive ESG-derived metrics gives a fuller financial picture, which can inform a more realistic discount rate and allow for more accurate earnings and cash flow projections."
  2. "We focus on vibrant companies with attributes that we believe mitigate business-related risks: durable firms with a leading or growing market position; strong, quality leadership and governance; and the ability to fund their own growth, so they are usually free cash flow positive."
  3. "We do think our portfolio construction helps to mitigate the impact of volatility by diversifying our investments across market segments with different underlying business drivers. Given our stock selection, the portfolios tend toward quality and growth, but their diversification goes beyond standard country and sector parameters to focus more on the business drivers."