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Ben Kirby (Thornburg IM): “Growth Stocks Are Unlikely To Be Winners in 2022”


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foto-cedidaBen Kirby, co director de inversiones de renta variable desarrollada de Thornburg IM. . Ben Kirby

Autor: Cecilia Prieto

  1. "It’s worth noting that it only took about a year and a half for U.S. companies to recover their earnings level from the slippage of 2020, and that they are now trending well above their pre-COVID-19 levels."
  2. "In 2022 we expect a major restocking-and-destocking trend on the supply side. So when you think about a traditional business cycle, the “restock-and-destock” inventory event can become a really important growth driver, and we expect to see it spur an acceptable level of GDP growth next year."
  3. "We’re bullish on U.S. economic growth and stock-market performance this year. But we believe 2022 growth will likely be lower versus the rock star year of 2021, and that we’ll see increased volatility in equities due to overall tightening of the markets."