Expected Returns report 2022-2026

Robeco Forecasts a Transition to the “Roasting Twenties” with Climate Risk as a Major Theme


Pixabay CC0 Public Domain. Robeco prevé unos nuevos "tórridos años 20" que favorecerá el rendimiento de los activos de riesgo

Author: Alba Menéndez

  1. Due to an atypical stop-start dynamic in 2020-21, macro-economic uncertainty hit its highest level in recent history, exceeding the levels it reached in the disinflation period in the 1980s and the 2008 global crisis
  2. Robeco expects investors to incorporate climate risk factors into their asset allocation decisions more and more in the next five years
  3. With excess liquidity still sloshing around and implied equity risk premiums still attractive, alternatives for equities are hard to find
  4. Robeco expects low-double-digit growth in earnings per share for the global equity markets to make up for sizable multiple compression