Last updated: 09:13 / Thursday, 2 May 2019
May 6-8th

PARTICIPANT Capital will Share its View on Real Estate Assets During the Investment & Golf Summit

PARTICIPANT Capital will Share its View on Real Estate Assets During the Investment & Golf Summit

According to a major study called “The Return on Everything” that spanned more than 140 years, real estate has outperformed equities historically. During the sixth edition of the Investment & Golf Summit organized by Funds Society PARTICIPANT capital will present this asset class and explain its advantages and diversification properties within investment portfolios.

Real estate investments provide stability in volatile markets and increase portfolios’ risk-adjusted returns. In the past, only institutional investors had access to direct investing in real estate projects. The investment landscape, however, is changing, unlocking the opportunities of private real estate equity investing for individual investors.

According to modern portfolio theory, adding uncorrelated assets to a portfolio increases risk-adjusted returns. Private real estate funds are an ideal addition to the portfolios of long-term investors because they have a low correlation with stocks and bonds.

Individuals allocate an average of only 5 percent of their portfolios to alternative assets, including real estate. The optimal amount is 10 to 20 percent. As a result, institutional investors that have a diversified asset-class mix outperform their peers.

Claudio Izquierdo, Managing Director of Global distribution, will be presenting this asset class on behalf of PARTICIPANT during the event. Izquierdo brings all of his international business acumen and expertise to bear, allowing for strategic growth in the global development and investment space. Izquierdo’s strong history of success with Latin American investors and high net worth individuals provides insight and authenticity for the PARTICIPANT Capital Advisors team. Izquierdo is a graduate of Florida International University and earned a degree in finance.

As an affiliate of RPC Holdings, PARTICIPANT Capital offers investors opportunities to join in lucrative, private real estate development at an at-cost basis beginning with land acquisition to which RPC adds ongoing value through development, management, and monetization.

The sixth edition of the Investments & Golf Summit organized by Funds Society will take place between May 6 and 8 at the Streamsong Resort and Golf with the portfolio managers of the leading companies within the industry. For more information and to ensure your place, follow this link.