Last updated: 09:50 / Thursday, 10 August 2017
Appetite for Latin America

Investec Launches an Investment Grade Corporate Debt Fund in Association with Compass Group

Investec Launches an Investment Grade Corporate Debt Fund in Association with Compass Group

Compass Group is the sub-manager of the new Investec Latin American Investment Grade Corporate Debt Fund, recently launched in Luxembourg and included in Pershing.

The strategy is almost a year old and will be managed by Tomás Venezian and Mathew Claeson, who have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and currently the portfolio is built through a bottom-up process of 'best ideas'.

Latin America is at a turning point, where growth and inflation stabilize, which has allowed an expansive monetary policy in the region. On the business side, a process of deleveraging has begun to be observed since mid-2016, which should result in much lower default rates than those observed in recent years.

On the technical side, Compass Group experts expect a negative net bond offer in Latin America this year, in an environment in which demand for interest rates continues strong, and therefore, global investors have appetite for the region.

US investment grade debt spreads and emerging market spreads remain at attractive levels compared to their historical average. Latin America is the most attractive region in terms of spreads adjusted by risk classification, says Compass.

The fund's objective is to generate income with the opportunity to obtain long-term capital gains by investing in Latin American fixed income assets rated as investment grade.
The spectrum of bonds includes sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate, the latter having the greatest participation in the portfolio.

Compass Group LLC has a history spanning over 20 years, specializing in asset management in Latin America, where it has more than 40 specialists based in the main cities in the region.