Last updated: 21:55 / Tuesday, 28 June 2016
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European Investors Moved Away from Equities in May

European Investors Moved Away from Equities in May

According to Detlef Glow, Head of EMEA research at Lipper, assets under management in the European mutual fund industry  enjoyed net inflows of €1.3 bn into long-term mutual funds during May.

The single fund markets with the highest net inflows for May were Germany (+€1.9 bn), Switzerland (+€1.1 bn), Norway (+€0.8 bn), and the United Kingdom (+€0.6 bn). Meanwhile, Belgium was the single market with the highest net outflows (-€2.7 bn), bettered somewhat by the Netherlands (-€1.4 bn) and Luxembourg (-€1.2 bn).

Bond EUR Corporates (+€2.0 bn) was once again the best selling sector among long-term funds.

In terms of asset types, and according to Glow, "it seemed that European investors continued in a risk-off mode, selling risky assets," equity funds (-€10.3 bn) were once again the ones with the highest net outflows in Europe, bettered by “other” funds (-€0.2 bn) and mixed-asset products (-€0.2 bn). In contrast, bond funds (+€7.8 bn) were the best selling asset type for May, followed by alternative UCITS (+€2.5 bn), real estate products (+€0.9 bn), and commodity funds (+€0.8 bn).

JP Morgan, with net sales of €4.8 bn, was the best selling fund promoter for May overall, ahead of BlackRock (+€4.3 bn) and Aviva (+€3.5 bn).

Eastspring Investments-Developed and Emerging Asia Eq E (+€2.1 bn) was the best selling individual long-term fund for May.

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