31st Year of Predictions

Byron Wien’s Ten Surprises for 2016


Byron Wien's Ten Surprises for 2016
Foto: Youtube. Las diez sorpresas de 2016, según Byron Wien

Author: Fórmate a Fondo

  1. Byron R. Wien, Vice Chairman of Multi-Asset Investing at Blackstone, issued his 31st list of Ten Surprises for the Year with his views on a number of economic, financial market and political surprises for the coming year
  2. Hillary Clinton is the winner of the presidential race against Ted Cruz; The United States equity market has a down year; FED raises short-term interest rates by 25 basis points only once; Investors reduce their holdings of American stocks and the dollar declines to 1.20 against the euro;
  3. China growth drops below 5% and yuan is adjusted to seven against the dollar to stimulate exports; European Union at risk because of refugee crisis; Oil languishes in the $30s; High-end residential real estate in New York and London has a sharp downturn; Investors continue to show a preference for bonds as a safe haven; And global growth falls to 2%