Last updated: 08:56 / Thursday, 23 May 2019
2020 US Presidential Election

Amundi Pioneer: Trump Does Have a Path to Reelection

 Amundi Pioneer: Trump Does Have a Path to Reelection

Donald Trump is facing a challenging re-election but is by no means out according to Paresh J. Upadhyaya from Amundi Pioneer.

Trump’s overall approval rating is stable, but at a net -11, is quite low. Meanwhile political betting sites are placing better odds in a democratic win. Despite all of that, Upadhyaya points out that there have been cases, like with Reagan in 83, where despite a negative nine point net approval rating, there was a win.

Moreover, he believes that “Trump’s low net approval rating does not mean loss, specially since there are many battleground states for 2020”. In his opinion, and considering that there are currently 10 states with less than 5 points difference, the bulk of the game will be decided in Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

“The most likely scenario is democratic house, republican senate” says Upadhyaya  who thinks democrats have early edge to retaining House while GOP in Senate.

Path to reelection

According to a Pew Poll, the issues likely to dominate voter’s agendas  in 2020 will be economy and healthcare, followed by education, while global trade comes in last.

“With a strong economy and low unemployment, Trump does have a path to reelection,” he mentions adding that using the Abramowitz Time for Change model with today’s numbers instead of waiting for Q2 2020, Trump would get 49.9% of the popular vote. Currently, “all the measures look fenomenal… I do not expect a recession next year but what the yield curve is telling us is that the economy will slow down.” However, “Trumps approval rating for jobs and economy is rock solid.“ So as long as the economy remains growing and jobs continue at good levels Upadhyaya believes he has a good chance to remain in power.

Without an opposition candidate in place yet, Upadhyaya also thinks that Trump will look to position himself as “the lesser of two evils. The election will become a race to the bottom even quicker than 2016.” He concludes.