US Offshore & LatAm Business

Amundi Pioneer AM, Investec AM, Janus Henderson Investors and Old Mutual Joined Bolton Global Capital at its Bolton Advisor Conference in Miami


Author: Meritxell Sedo

  1. Paresh Upadhyaya (Amundi Pioneer AM): “The markets think that the tax bill is going to be essentially a sugar high for the US economy”
  2. Justin Wells (Old Mutual GI): “It’s theoretically impossible for the term premium to comeback for the term structure to steepening when you have no volatility in interest rates”
  3. Matt Cleason (Investec AM): “I don’t think a ‘NAFTA la vista scenario,’ where from one day to the next a great deal of investment disappears in Mexico, is the likeliest scenario”
  4. Ashwin Alankar (Janus Henderson Investors): “The ten-year bond real rate indicates that the bond market believes the average real GDP over the next ten years here in the US, is priced at 80 bps”