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Aberdeen SI, Carmignac, Ninety One and Vontobel Share Strategies to Protect Investments Amid COVID-19 and Low Growth


Authors: Gabriela Huerta

  1. Aberdeen Standard Investments: "we are in an environment where we need to protect capital"
  2. Ninety One (antes Investec Asset Management): "The most important quality to have is a healthy balance and low capital intensity"
  3. Carmignac: "it is important to realize that an epidemic works with a bell shaped curve, it accelerates first before plateau and going down and outside china we are still in the acceleration phase"
  4. TwentyFour AM: “The Fed wanted to bring calm to the markets by doing something they did not do since Lehman Brothers fell and this is not the same. In my opinion, what it did was introduce more volatility in the market”