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Markets | 09:28 | 23/05/2019
Part II

The sixth edition of the Investments & Golf Summit organized by Funds Society, and held at the Streamsong Resort and Golf, in Florida, left us with the best proposals of nine asset management companies in the field of

Markets | 08:56 | 23/05/2019
2020 US Presidential Election

Donald Trump is facing a challenging re-election but is by no means out according to Paresh J. Upadhyaya from Amundi Pioneer.

Markets | 07:42 | 16/05/2019
Part I

Three equity strategies, two fixed income, two multi-asset, structured products, and real estate investments, completed the proposals of the nine asset managers participating in the sixth edition of the Investments & Golf Summit organized by Funds Society, wh

Markets | 12:18 | 08/05/2019
Interview with Alan Muschott

With a clear long-term focus and very selective and active management, Alan Muschott manages the Franklin Global Convertibles fund, the largest strategy for active management of convertible bonds in the United States.

Markets | 17:24 | 02/05/2019
May 6-8th

According to a major study called “The Return on Everything” that spanned more than 140 years, real estate has outperformed equities historically.

Markets | 09:31 | 02/05/2019

LatAm and US investors consider Europe’s potential investment opportunities in a totally different light than European investors.

Markets | 10:26 | 25/04/2019
Sixth edition

With one of the largest stand-alone equity-index options managers team in the field, at Allianz GI they use simple, liquid instruments to pursue returns regardless of the performance of the S&P 500 Index.

Markets | 09:05 | 25/04/2019
Sixth edition

AXA IM will talk about investment opportunities in the evolving economy as a result of the digital disruption at Funds Society's sixth Investments & Golf Summit.

Markets | 07:36 | 25/04/2019
BNY Mellon’s Annual Conference

According to Nick Clay, leader Portfolio Manager of the BNY Mellon Global Equity Income Fund, in terms of market volatility, 2019 will be a similar year to 2018.

Markets | 06:16 | 25/04/2019
Sixth edition

The sixth edition of  Funds Society's  Investments & Golf Summit will take place on May 6th-8th at the Streamsong Resort and Golf.