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Markets | 09:27 | 18/07/2019
Market Vision

Current global economic growth prospects remain subdued. However, according to Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI), some of the political risks that plagued the economies and markets in 2018 seem to have eased, at least in the short term.

Markets | 08:10 | 11/07/2019
MFS Investment Management

The current US equity market cycle is the longest bullish market on record, with 9 and a half years of history, with a small correction in the fourth quarter of last year, but already back on track in the first semester of the year.

Markets | 07:53 | 26/06/2019
MFS Investment Management

The allocation to emerging market equity in global portfolios is becoming more strategic than ever. The MSCI All Country World Index has now around 10% to 12% in weight to the emerging markets. Global equity portfolios should consider having an allocation to emerging markets.

Markets | 09:47 | 13/06/2019
MFS Investment Management

The key to navigating the credit cycle, according to Brad Rutan, Investment Product Specialist at MFS Investment Management, is anticipating inflections, repositioning early and being patient.

Markets | 13:54 | 06/06/2019
Annual event in Miami

Looking at the number of years it took for different products and technologies to reach 50 million users, one can deduce that the pace of adoption by society has accelerated exponentially.

Markets | 10:40 | 29/05/2019
Allianz GI views

The pace of global growth is slowing and the financial community is divided between those who believe that it is the beginning of a recession and those who do not.

Markets | 14:01 | 28/05/2019
Annual event in Miami

At this point in the economic cycle and the market cycle, in the opinion of Robert M. Almeida, global investment strategist at MFS Investment Management, it is necessary to shift from an emphasis on performance to an emphasis on risk.

Markets | 09:28 | 23/05/2019
Part II

The sixth edition of the Investments & Golf Summit organized by Funds Society, and held at the Streamsong Resort and Golf, in Florida, left us with the best proposals of nine asset management companies in the field of

Markets | 08:56 | 23/05/2019
2020 US Presidential Election

Donald Trump is facing a challenging re-election but is by no means out according to Paresh J. Upadhyaya from Amundi Pioneer.

Markets | 07:42 | 16/05/2019
Part I

Three equity strategies, two fixed income, two multi-asset, structured products, and real estate investments, completed the proposals of the nine asset managers participating in the sixth edition of the Investments & Golf Summit organized by Funds Society, wh