Last updated: 15:14 / Monday, 23 November 2015
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Performance Drove Down European ETF’s AUM in September

Performance Drove Down European ETF’s AUM in September
  • Report by Thomson Reuters Lipper
  • Losses were almost three times larger than inflows
  • Equity continues to reign

According to Detlef Glow, Head of EMEA research at Lipper, assets under management in the European exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry declined from €432.7 billion to €430.0 billion during September.

This decrease of €4.7 billion was driven mainly by the performance of the underlying markets, -where €7.2 billion were lost-, while net sales contributed €2.4 billion to the overall assets under management in the ETF segment. Amongst the funds, Equity ones enjoyed by far the highest net inflows for September receiving  €2 billion in inflows. The best selling Lipper Global Classifications in September where:

  • Equity EuroZone with €1.2 billion
  •  Bond EMU Government Short-Term with €0.7 billion
  • Equity Europe with €0.7 billion

Amongst ETF promoters, iShares with €1.6 billion (of which the iShares MSCI Japan ETF, the best selling ETF fund in September, accounted for €0.7 billion), UBS ETF with €0.5 billion and ComStage €0.2 billion, were the best selling ones.

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