Last updated: 08:59 / Monday, 28 December 2015
Thomson Reuters Lipper Report

Bond Funds Lost Market Share Amongst European ETFs

Bond Funds Lost Market Share Amongst European ETFs
  • Equity Funds reigned in November
  • Roughly three fourths of November's gains were from the performance of the underlying markets
  • iShares continues to be the best selling promoter

According to Detlef Glow, Head of EMEA research at Lipper, assets under management in the European exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry increased from €444.3 billion to €457.4 billion during November.

This €13.1 billion increase in November was driven mainly by the performance of the underlying markets, which accounted for €10.0 billion, while net sales contributed €3.1 billion to the overall growth of assets under management in the ETF segment.

In terms of asset classes, Equity funds with €2.2 billion enjoyed the highest net inflows for the month, followed by alternative UCITS products with €2.8 billion and mixed-asset funds with €2 billion. Meanwhile, bond funds, which in October had the highest net inflows, suffered during November from the highest net outflows, loosing €7.8 billion.

The best selling Lipper global classifications for November where:

  • Bond EUR Corporates with €0.6 billion
  • Equity Global with €0.6 billion
  • Bond EUR High Yield with €0.6 billion

Amongst ETF promoters, Blackrock’s iShares with €1.4 billion, Source with €0.5 billion and db x-trackers with €0.4 billion, were the best selling ones.

The best selling ETF for November was the iShares Euro High Yield Corporate Bond UCITS ETF, which accounted for net inflows of €572 million

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