Last updated: 08:14 / Thursday, 17 January 2019
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Thornburg Investment Management Launches Two UCITS Funds

Thornburg Investment Management Launches Two UCITS Funds

Thornburg Investment Management has now a suite of eight fixed income and equity strategies on Thornburg’s UCITS platform. It has recently added both the Thornburg Long / Short Equity Fund and the Thornburg Strategic Income Fund.

The Thornburg Long/Short Equity Fund is co-managed by Connor Browne and Bimal Shah. The fund applies a bottom-up, fundamental security selection approach that is focused, diversified, and based on high conviction. Its portfolio is concentrated, with typically 30 to 40 stocks in both the long and short portions of the portfolio. The fund, domiciled in Dublin, Ireland, is based on an investment strategy launched in 2008, currently available to investors through separately managed accounts and a U.S. mutual fund structure.

Connor Browne, co-portfolio manager of the Fund, said: “Recent market volatility highlights the need for investors to have a permanent allocation to alternatives in their investment portfolios. Our Fund provides traditional long/short equity, hedge- fund-like exposure in a vehicle with daily liquidity. Notably, we have added value on both the long and short sides of our investment book since inception, and this sets us apart from many of our competitors.”

Carter Sims, managing director and head of global distribution at Thornburg mentioned: “The recent spike in volatility provides investors with new entry points to tap into a top-performing U.S. long/short equity strategy and the resources of highly respected and successful portfolio managers.”

The Thornburg Strategic Income Fund is managed by Jason Brady, Lon Erickson, Christian Hoffmann, and Jeff Klingelhofer and supported by Thornburg’s 40-person investment team. The Fund's diversified portfolio is constructed with income-producing, relative-value investments that exhibit strong underlying credit fundamentals.

According to Jason Brady, president and CEO at Thornburg and co-portfolio manager of the Fund: “This Fund expands upon our legacy of providing investors with a stable source of competitive return, and a disciplined and balanced allocation in changing market environments.”

“Demand for diversified, relative value, fixed income portfolios continues to grow among global investors. The launch of Thornburg Strategic Income Fund signals our ommitment to providing our international partners access to Thornburg’s decades of fixed income experience,” added Sims.