Last updated: 07:26 / Friday, 20 June 2014
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Silk Invest Collaborates with Kolo Touré to Launch an African Opportunities for Footballers Fund

Silk Invest Collaborates with Kolo Touré to Launch an African  Opportunities for Footballers Fund
  • The fund will be the first fund of its kind that will provide African footballers with a wealth management solution
  • It will primarily invest in the African markets

Silk Invest will launch an African Opportunties for Footballers Fund in collaboration with Kolo Touré. The fund will be the first fund of its kind that will provide African footballers with a wealth management solution that not only allows the players to manage their financial assets while investing in the grand opportunity of their home continent. The fund will be domiciled in Luxembourg and will primarily invest in the African markets.

Kolo Touré is a well known top level football player from the Ivory Coast who plays for Liverpool and will compete with his national team in Brazil's much anticipated World Cup.

The numbers of African footballers playing in the international top leagues has steadily grown in the last few years. Many of these players see themselves as African ambassadors and have shown a keen interest to invest back in Africa. Silk Invest and Kolo Touré have worked together to create a fund which will help these players to invest in professionally managed fund vehicle. The new African footballers fund will help African football players to benefit from the growing African markets while building a savings plan for their post-career financial needs.

Silk Invest has been one of the leading investors in Africa and has championed a consumer driven pan-African approach. The investment team of Silk Invest include 11 different African Nationalities across the various African regions. This is a uniquely designed fund which helps African footballers invest across asset classes in Africa and to fully benefit from the African growth opportunity.

Malick Badjie, head of Investment Solutions commented: “African Footballers now finally have a solution that not only allows them to invest their assets in investment opportunities they understand, but also lets them make a difference back home. Over the last months, we had the pleasure to closely work together with Kolo Touré to design a product which helps African Football players to invest for the long term while contributing to Africa’s growth”.

Kolo Touré, added: “My personal ambition has always been to contribute to the African continent in a positive manner. At the same time, it is important have sufficient assets to secure my future financial well being. I am very excited about this new fund and believe that we have achieved a major milestone. The new fund helps Africa’s top football players like me to meet their financial needs and support Africa’s capital markets”.

Zin Bekkali CEO and Group CIO of Silk Invest concluded: “Africa is at the heart of investment thesis and we believe that African footballers have a big role to play in further developing the continent. At the same time, we are very honoured that we can play a role in helping these African professional to better meet their future financial needs. Kolo Touré has proven to be an excellent partner in creating this fund and we are looking forward to successfully launch the fund.”