Last updated: 08:25 / Tuesday, 1 November 2016

OppenheimerFunds Launches an International Growth and Income Fund

OppenheimerFunds Launches an International Growth and Income Fund
  • Managed by Robert Dunphy
  • It mainly invests in dividend-paying businesses headquartered outside of the U.S. with the potential for capital appreciation
  • OppenheimerFunds has over $222 billion in AUM

OppenheimerFunds, launched the Oppenheimer International Growth and Income Fund (Ticker: OIMAX). The fund is managed by Robert Dunphy, co-portfolio manager of Oppenheimer International Growth Fund, who joined the firm in 2004.

"We're delighted to build on the success of our Oppenheimer International Growth Fund which celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this year," said Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer of OppenheimerFunds. "The fund seeks to expand on the success factors of the Oppenheimer International Growth Fund to investors looking for income in addition to long-term capital appreciation."

The Oppenheimer International Growth and Income Fund will seek total return by investing in cash generative, dividend paying companies that may benefit from long-term secular growth trends. "Long-term investing must involve a disciplined investment process and the ability to look beyond index compositions or fleeting trends," said George Evans, CIO, Equities, and Portfolio Manager Oppenheimer International Growth Fund. "Our strategy for this fund aims to do exactly that, to ascertain the true growth potential of companies."

"Our investors want access to international companies that have structurally sustainable growth advantage, ignoring index biases," commented Kamal Bhatia, Head of Investment Products and Solutions, OppenheimerFunds. "Designing products that can simultaneously participate in shareholder friendly income satisfies multiple client needs."

OppenheimerFunds, a leader in global asset management, is dedicated to providing solutions for its partners and end investors. OppenheimerFunds, including its subsidiaries, manages more than $222 billion in assets for over 13 million shareholder accounts, including sub-accounts, as of September 30, 2016.